Bohemian braid hairstyles

When I think of Bohemian hairstyles, I think of earthy and natural looking hair.  Long hair parted in the middle and hanging in loose subtle curls is a throwback to the 1970’s hippie scene.  Back then, young women wore long flowing hair with leather headbands, faded jeans and chunky jewelry, very much like some of our Bohemian hairstyles today. With or without bangs, Bohemian hairstyles enhances your natural beauty and brings out a feminine glow. Loose face-framing curls can give you a soft, romantic look.

Thick straight bangs are one option, while some prefer long, side-swept, almost wispy bangs. No matter what texture your hair is, wearing it in its natural state is perfectly Bohemian hairstyle.

Boho Style
Brooke White and Carly Simon wore Bohemian Hairstyles

You can create this wild child Bohemian hairstyles, by scrunching even or layered hair sprayed with a curl activator such as TIGI’s, Curls Rock or a mousse like Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam with conditioner .  Scrunching will give your hair more texture and volume, let your hair air dry and finger comb through.   Your bohemian hairstyle is uniquely yours to wear and as a hairdresser, I think our individual differences are what make each of us beautiful.

Bohemian hairstyles are low maintenance and look ultra-feminine, so keep make-up fresh and light to go with your hairstyle.

Bohemian Hair Styles Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly in half up do with braids, clearly a Bohemian hairstyle

One quick and easy Bohemian hairstyle is long natural hair with two loose braids on either side of a center part, then connecting in the back. Easy to do and looks sooo cute!

Bohemian Style Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller in a Bohemian hairstyle

Want a Bohemian hairstyle updo?  You can create a braided halo; start with a center part and a long braid. Wrap the braid around your head and pin it down as you wrap, secure the end of the braid under the beginning of it.

Bohemian Hair Styles
Another Bohemian hairstyle updo starts with two French braids on the sides, which are braided to the neckline where the ends are secured with elastic.  Separating the ends into smaller sections, twist each section into a coil then pin it down, leaving the ends free. It’s an artsy, Bohemian hairstyle updo that turns out differently every time you create it.

Your Bohemian hairstyle may be as simple as pulling your hair off your face and letting long waves spill over your shoulders.  Whichever, you choose remember that a Bohemian hairstyle is clean, shiny and natural!

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