Types of blonde hair color

The palest shade of blonde, with no hints of other colors,
platinum blonde hair is one of the more hard to achieve types of
blonde hair color. Since it involves a lot of bleaching, it can be
very damaging to your hair in the long run.

Light Blonde Hair

Also called flaxen, most light blonde hair shades avoid the white
tint of the platinum blonde, but they’re still very light. Just like
platinum, it works best on natural blondes with fair a complexion.

Platinum Blonde Hair ColorLight Blonde Hair Color

Golden Blonde Hair

Easier to achieve than the lighter shades of blonde, golden blonde
is also a more natural look for women who dye their hair from darker
shades. It’s also used for highlights on darker hair with great

Strawberry Blonde Hair

With a touch of red tint, strawberry blonde hair is perfect for
skin tones that are on the pink side and it’s a good look for a lot
of women looking for different types of blonde hair color.

Golden Blonde Hair ColorGold Blonde Hair Color

Dirty Blonde Hair

Mixing light blonde with ash blonde, the dirty blonde hair color is more
natural and can sometimes look like it’s been enhances with
highlights, especially in the summer.

Ash Blonde Hair

With a grey or brown tint, ash or sandy blonde hair can look the
most natural on darker skin tones and it’s fairly easy to get with
limited bleaching.

Ombre Blonde Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

Getting the Right Blonde Hair for You

Light skin tones are complemented best by light, golden or
strawberry blonde hair colors, while platinum and ash don’t always
look flattering.

Medium skin tones can work with all blonde hair colors depending
on the warm or cool undertones of your skin, but ashy blondes aren’t
always the right choice.

Darker skin tones need to stick to the darker shades of blonde or
simply try caramel or golden highlights, for a natural sun-kissed blonde hair color.

Different Types of Blonde Hair Colors

If you’re over the basics and want a color that’s gorgeous but
still looks natural, you can try the ombre highlights or balayage
highlights, that blend different shades into your natural look.

Using highlights and lowlights, ombre and balayage can get you a
hot look sported by celebrities like Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica
Parker and Drew Barrymore.

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